The GoFor platform is available through multiple devices and features an open API allowing partners to easily integrate.

At GoFor, we’re more than just an on-demand delivery app for construction materials.

Our multi-component platform makes ordering materials easy and takes the worry out of planning and coordinating the delivery by connecting you with our delivery drivers.

GoFor facilitates the management of drivers, mobile commerce and all processes involved in delivery logistics.

The GoFor platform is composed of the following components:

Mobile App

The primary source of accessing the platform for both construction professionals and DIY’ers is our mobile app. GoFor is currently available on both Android and iOS based devices. GoFor has built an App that is simple and easy to use, allowing our Users to submit orders from any construction site.

Partner Portal

GoFor has created a web-based portal for construction companies and building suppliers who require a desktop or laptop based interface.

No matter what size your company is, our partner portal allows users to order materials, request a pick-up, track deliveries and manage their internal users easily and efficiently.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot

GoFor’s chatbot is an easy way to connect with the 1.7 billion people who already use Facebook.

By creating our chatbot we’ve removed the need for customers to download and install yet another app.

With the GoFor chatbot users simply open a Facebook Messenger conversation with GoFor and submit orders and purchase materials. The Go-For chatbot removes the obstacles normally encountered with using smartphone Apps.

Open API

The GoFor platform has an open API which allows partners to implement our service into their checkout process or point of sale system. By implementing GoFor into an online store or PoS, our partners can provide local on-demand delivery to their clients.

The GoFor API allows our partners to integrate their product information into our system and begin selling to all GoFor Users. Go-For has simplified the mobile commerce experience to enhance convenience and speed. Our Users do not need to see a picture of a 2×4 or a sheet of drywall, they are heavily educated on their material requirements.