Why one construction company uses GoFor to save it money and time spent managing employees

Why one construction company uses GoFor to save it money and time spent managing employees
December 6, 2016 Brad Rollo

S and N Construction is a small construction company specializing in large-scale renovations. S and N Construction usually has 3 projects on the go at any one time and sometimes gets as many as 4 concurrent projects. S and N Construction employs 10 people of which one is dedicated to picking up missing items or needed materials.

S and N Construction has no problem acquiring large orders of materials, they and their supplier manage that very well. However, when it comes to the daily shortfalls of materials S and N Construction has decided that having a dedicated employee at $15/hour (probably more like $18/hour), driving a company vehicle with company insurance is the best way for them to get missing materials and items to their job sites. On-demand delivery of these items keeps projects moving forward, on time and budget.

How much does this cost S and N Construction on a yearly basis:

·      Truck = $10,000/year

·      Vehicle insurance = $3,000/year,

·      Vehicle maintenance = $3,000/year,

·      Employee salary = $30,000/year

·      Government source deductions = $5,000/year

Total = $54,000/year

How much would it cost S and N Construction to use GoFor for one year doing 2 deliveries a day:

·      Per day delivery cost = $39 x 2 = $78

·      Per week delivery costs = 5 x $78 = $390

·      Per year delivery costs = 50 x $390 = $19,500

As you can see you would have to request over 5 deliveries per day to come close to matching the expense of one dedicated employee. We didn’t take into account the costs associated to an employee like down time, training, sick days, etc. What happens if all 4 projects need items at the same time? Work could come to a halt as they wait for the employee to catch up on deliveries.

As you can see GoFor quickly pays for itself by saving you money while increasing efficiencies.

Download the GoFor app at the Apple App store or the Google Play Store


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