Never stop innovating and refining!

Never stop innovating and refining!
April 17, 2017 Brad Rollo

About 10 years ago when I left my last position at a tech company I started up a construction company and a real estate development firm. The idea at the time was to create a business that was innovative and a leader in delivering quality construction products. We delivered beautiful products but my mind was stuck on a reoccurring problem that I noticed during those years of building. However, as time passed, we lost focus of our initial mission and got caught up in the daily grind it is to run a construction business.

Running short on materials occurred frequently and many of the trades people I spoke with on a daily basis had the same pain. This held up deadlines and meant that crew members or myself had to be pulled off the job site to get the materials we needed urgently to finish the job. Those small to medium deliveries; more nails, drywall or lumber, that we needed now, were costing me time and money.

GoFor developed quickly and re-ignited my passion for business. Our on-demand delivery service for small to medium orders of construction and renovation materials means that construction professionals and building suppliers can now have orders delivered right to the work site in under an hour with 100 percent order accuracy guaranteed.

Our Android and iOS based app puts on-demand delivery right in the palm of your hand by allowing construction professionals to order one of our experienced drivers to pick up and deliver the materials you need to keep projects moving forward.

With the ability to have GoFor deliveries built into the point of sale, our partner suppliers will see an increase in orders and our drivers will free up staff to be on the floor, where they are needed most.

When I started to build the business I vowed that we would deliver a service that provides significant value to our customers and one that continues to innovate. GoFor’s tech team continues to move forward by developing our platform to reflect what our customers and partner’s needs are. As a tech company, we will grow with our partners and will continue to push our innovation.

To keep our costs competitive and put more money in your pocket, the new version of the GoFor platform includes delivery pricing according to the type of vehicle that is required. For example an order of paint or nails or plumbing that fits easily in the trunk of a car then the consumer would be charged at a lower price than that of order shipped in a truck. Our motto is “if it fits in the trunk of a car then it ships in the trunk of a car”.

Larger sized orders and items such as; drywall, lumber, insulation, etc. would require a pickup or cube van.

Ottawa Pricing

Car – $10 within a 12Km radius of pick up. $0.75 per KM after 7Km.

Pickup Truck – $35 within a 20Km radius. $0.75 per Km after 10Km.

Cube Van – $65 within a 20Km radius. $1 per Km after 10Km

Nashville Pricing

Car – $10 within a 8 mile radius of pick up. $0.75 per mile after 5 miles.

Pickup Truck – $35 within an 15 mile radius of pick up. $0.75 per mile after 8 miles.

Cube Van – $60 within an 15 mile radius of pick up. $1.00 per mile after 8 miles.

With this new update to the GoFor platform and delivery pricing model, GoFor is now able to provide the most cost effective service around, one that also guarantees you will get the order within 1-hour. I dare you to compare our pricing.

Coming Soon – Stay tuned, in the coming weeks we will be releasing the next version of the GoFor platform featuring a mobile commerce ability. GoFor will allow its users to purchase supplies in App and have them delivered within 1-hour.

Download now! Android, iOS or register now on our web-portal.


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