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How Suppliers Can Keep Winning 💪
June 15, 2017 Brad Rollo

As I mentioned in an earlier post, GoFor has decided to make available its extensive platform to Suppliers, allowing them to automate their dispatch process. We are building key functionality into our platform that enables GoFor Delivery to be best in breed, this functionality will help Suppliers in their day to day delivery process. However, we want to understand a Suppliers dispatch process better and work with our Supplier partners to solve their pains.

Wondering how GoFor Delivery can help?

Let’s quickly dive in.

How are you handling dispatch now?

What if your order desk staff could not only take the order but schedule it and dispatch it instantly while still in communication with your customer. The entire dispatch process is now automated with critical information being delivered to and handled by the staff that needs to know the most, the ones dealing directly with your customers.

Prepping a quick order of 2×4’s with one of our GoFor Partner Suppliers

How many orders ship with mistakes?

Once the delivery is entered into the system GoFor Delivery directs the yard staff on every aspect of assembling the order to ensure it is shipped as fast as possible with 100% accuracy, no more mistakes. The GoFor ‘Assembler’ App would guide your staff through the assembling and loading of the order ensuring that nothing is forgotten and only the right items are shipped. GoFor will help you maximize the use of space on each vehicle in your fleet.

Basement subfloors successfully delivered on 

What happens when your fleet is fully booked? Especially to urgent orders?

GoFor ensures your vehicles are fully maximized both in terms of use and the number of orders being shipped. Once your fleet is booked the GoFor Delivery `can scale up to continue shipping orders as they are placed, utilizing the GoFor on-demand delivery fleet.

Got an urgent request?

The system can offload the delivery to GoFor ensuring you meet the needs of your customers.

What do our Supplier partners get in return for their feedback?

By working with GoFor and providing us feedback and allowing us to analyze your delivery process you will get some great perks.

  • 2 years of GoFor Delivery and GoFor Assembler free – we are talking a fully robust and extensive system. One that will help you immediately.
  • 50% off on the GoFor Delivery for life – this includes continuous updates as we build out the platform.
  • Instant savings and increased efficiencies.

To Learn more or to apply to join our “Lead Partner” program email me at Or visit us at GoFor


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