contractors there is a better way

Hey, contractors there is a better way.
June 2, 2017 Brad Rollo

I spent the past 10 years running a construction business, grinding it out nearly every day. As most of you know you have to control every penny and maximize your efficiencies, our industry is one of big risk and low margins. I spent time trying to measure and understand every cost down to the square foot, if I got that correct it meant I had a much easier time doing estimates and getting work (we all get asked how much at that initial sales meeting). My focus was always on efficiency.

However, over those 10 years I never ever thought to look at making the sourcing of materials more efficient because there was no way to do it there was no service readily available with a fast delivery. It wasn’t until a friend, who was probably tired of hearing me complain about being a ‘Gopher’ suggested I find a better way. One leveraging technology and the on-demand economy. This is where GoFor was born, a service and platform that I would use almost every day allowing me to focus on other parts of my construction business, the ones that really allowed us to make more money.

Now a lot of contractors won’t change, because as we all know we are creatures of habit and stick to what we know best. For those that do, I know you will see the instant benefit in using GoFor. The time (3 to 5 hours per week) GoFor frees up can be better spent on the business, family or yourself. And of course the money we can help you save.

For those that are unsure on exactly how GoFor can help, let’s discuss.

As contractors we deal with the shortfall of materials by either; sending an employee, having a full-time employee dedicated to running errands, or worst of all the project manager or owner gets materials themselves. With GoFor a typical order will cost you $35 and be there inside of an hour. You can’t match that cost or the speed of turnaround getting materials any other way. Remember I am not talking skids of materials, only those small and medium shortfalls that throw a days production down the toilet. For $35 and 1-hour, you can now focus on making your projects go quicker and getting costs down.

All lot of our customers have service fleets and now use us to keep them supplied with missing items. How many times does a repair crew working on furnace find they are missing a part and drop everything to run out and get it, leaving the homeowner wondering when things will get done? GoFor customers are using us to keep their crews onsite and working while we fetch the missing part from the shop or a supplier.

If you are a contractor, trade or supplier I would love to hear from you and get your thoughts. We are open to comments as we are trying to build a service that helps you make more money and free up your time.

You can find us on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. If working from a desktop or laptop is your thing then you can find us at

PS. Small orders can get shipped in a car and for a super low price.



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