GoFor making service teams faster

GoFor making service teams faster
July 6, 2018 Brad Rollo

I want to share with you a recent experience. If you are living anywhere in Canada or the USA (except Newfoundland where it just snowed) you are experiencing summer and likely it is in full-effect. The heat is here and only getting hotter.

Well just as we were seeing the heat finally arrive, our air conditioner broke down. I did what any homeowner threatened with 85+ degrees temps, I called our HVAC company and arranged for a service team to fix the problem.

The HVAC company was amazing, they were there the next day by 8 am. What great service this is. I am thinking that I’ll be home for maybe an hour or two while they work on the problem and I can stillget to work by 10 am. Awesome.

The team went to work and within 45 minutes they seemed finished. However, they let me know they were actually missing a part and that they would have to run off and get the required part. Oh well, this is pretty standard.

Here’s the rub. The team was professional and friendly but they disappeared for over an hour. Upon return they got to work and within another hour were finished and I was now on my way to work.

The problem was this was an hour later than I had hoped for and it didn’t need to be.

These missing parts are exactly why GoFor is here.

Why would an HVAC not do everything in their power to keep their teams working? Why not let GoFor pick up the part and get it to the job site?

The value of GoFor seems pretty clear to me.

1. The HVAC would keep 2 technicians working and closing the service call that much quicker allowing the service team to do extra job every day or two.

2. The customer (in this case me) would be on their way to work that much quicker and making them that much happier.

3. The customer would not get the perception they are paying for 2 technicians even while they are off getting a missing part or tool (and you know it coffee).

Now to have GoFor solve this it would have cost the HVAC company $18….you the item was small enough to fit in a car. Now what does it cost you to have 2 technicians not working for over an hour? $60? $75? $100?

It seems to me that the value proposition for GoFor is pretty clear.

Want to learn more on how GoFor can help you service teams be more efficient? Visit us at http://gofor.rocks/serviceteams

Want to learn more about GoFor’s on-demand delivery platform built for the construction industry visit http://gofor.io.


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