GoFor rolls out on-demand delivery service for construction materials in Nashville, Tennessee

GoFor rolls out on-demand delivery service for construction materials in Nashville, Tennessee
March 10, 2017 Brad Rollo

Nashville, USA- March 10, 2017 – Today GoFor Industries announced the launch of their on-demand delivery service for small to medium orders of building and construction and supplies in Nashville, USA.

Construction professionals and DIYers who fall short of building materials in the middle of a project can now have orders delivered to them in under an hour, right to their worksite, with a 100 percent guarantee of accuracy.

Customers simply place an order from their preferred supplier then, using GoFor’s free, easy to use app, schedule a driver for the delivery. The ability to do this right from the work site on a mobile device, means that no one has to stop working to pick up the order and will save time and money on building and renovation projects. With the ability to track the delivery in real-time, builders can continue on with their project in the comfort that the materials they need urgently will be there within an hour of securing delivery.

GoFor’s professional drivers have a range of vehicles from cars to cube vans and the company focus is on the small to medium sized orders of items that are usually held up waiting for a truck to be filled at the supply company.

“GoFor is built with all trades in mind. Whether you’re a builder needing more drywall and lumber or a renovator needing more nails and paint; we are here to get the building supplies to you that you need urgently so that you can carry on working on your project,” said Rick Patricio, VP of Business Development and co-founder.

Pricing is based on the type of vehicle required to make the delivery as well as a price per mile. GoFor also has preferred partner pricing determined by the volume a partner generates.


About GoFor

Built by construction professionals and enthusiastic DIYers, GoFor is putting delivery back in the hands of construction professionals and renovators by providing them with the materials they want, when they want them.

Redefining how business is done with small to medium orders and a platform that is growing, consumers will be saving time and money and suppliers will see a new revenue stream and increased customer satisfaction.

The GoFor App is currently available for download in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


So, whats next for GoFor?

Currently available in Ottawa, ON and in Nashville, TN. GoFor will be expanding to Edmonton, Toronto, Canada and Atlanta, Charlotte, and Denver, USA.

GoFor is presently also working towards introducing Facebook Chatbot into their app which would allow users to have direct text conversations with a GoFor employee.

Keep up to date with all the growth at GoFor by visiting www.gofor.io.



Built by construction pros for construction pros

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