GoFor, built to save Electricians time and money.

GoFor, built to save Electricians time and money.
January 9, 2017 Brad Rollo

As a construction related trade or contractor, how do you deal with materials shortfalls or missing items? I wanted to share with you a short story how my electrical contractor used to deal with this before he started using GoFor.

Rob is an electrician whom I have known and worked with for the better part of 5 years. Rob is one of the best, he is professional beyond belief and does amazing work. Rob works with his son who is an apprentice electrician.

Every job with Rob always starts the same way, I want to get in and get out. I know we can all relate to that statement as it is key to making a profit on a fixed price job. There are many factors that are out of the control of Rob that effect his timelines, primarily the project being ready. This Rob can’t control. Almost every day on the site starts the same way for Rob. He shows up around 8 am and gets the days plans together and gets to work. Around 10 am he realized he is missing a few items and either sends his son or he himself goes to pick them up. These trips usually take a minimum of 2 hours.

Now for Rob, this makes sense, but does it really? Rob is likely billing himself out at $75/hour while his son is $50/hour. To run off and get a few items, it costs him in lost billing around $100 to $150 and likely a fair bit more in lost time. Had Rob and his son continued to work while someone brought them their order they could continue to work moving the job along. By losing productivity you face the possibility of extending the job another few hours, and in most cases, that means coming back the next day. This happens on virtually every job, which in the end means you are wasting time and not completing as many jobs as possible. Let’s not forget the fact that it is more expensive to set up and start two or more jobs in a day.

Now if Rob uses GoFor he simply has to call his supplier and submit an order, he gets to use his account or pay with whatever means he wants. He gets to deal with a person who knows his business, who he likely has a long relationship with. Once Rob has placed his order he simply opens GoFor and enters in the business name (address info will automatically be entered), he then enters the order number, description, a person to talk to and followed by the delivery location. Rob then continues to work while GoFor dispatches a driver to pick up the order and bring it to Rob all for a cost of $39.00 and a super-fast turnaround.

GoFor helps keep Rob working at a cost of $39.00 instead of costing him $100 or $150 in his time. An even bigger benefit to Rob and his bottom line is that GoFor helps keep the job on schedule, reducing the chance of extending the job and thus delaying the next one.

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