The features and benefits of the GoFor platform for suppliers of construction materials.

The features and benefits of the GoFor platform for suppliers of construction materials.
March 27, 2017 Brad Rollo

As a former Contractor, I know the feeling of running short on materials at a job site. Needing a delivery immediately to continue the project. It sucks…

I always valued the relationships I had with my preferred suppliers. They always bent over backward to help me out. In fact, getting a large order of materials delivered was not the problem. It was the small or medium sized orders that were the issue, it usually meant that I was the one running around getting them.

My suppliers were just not set up to handle these small and medium sized orders with the urgency us contractors usually require. Those that were usually lost money on each delivery and were never on-demand after the first order of the day.

This is the reason I started GoFor Industries. GoFor is an on-demand delivery platform for construction materials. GoFor offers 1-hour turnaround and 100% order accuracy.

Why as a supplier you should use GoFor?

Increase customer satisfaction

For Contractors, fast delivery is the difference between a productive day or a lost day. Any supplier who can provide on-demand delivery will see an increase in the satisfaction of their customers and an increase in new customers.

Make money with deliveries

GoFor provides its partners with a wholesale delivery cost for each type of vehicle, our partners are free to markup the delivery cost as they see fit.

Maximize staff to push out more orders

GoFor allows its’ partners to maximize the use of staff to assemble orders, leaving GoFor to deliver them. Staff are kept on-site increasing the number of orders shipped while reducing risks and liabilities.

Key advantages of the GoFor Platform:

No setup costs

The GoFor web portal allows its partners to use any computer or device to securely log in and submit a delivery order.

Lowest delivery costs

GoFor hires heavily vetted independent drivers who have their own vehicles allowing us to provide the lowest delivery costs.

Documented and verified delivery process

The GoFor platform has many checks and balances to ensure the correct items are being delivered and to verify the delivery. All documentation is uploaded to the system and attached to our invoices.

All orders no matter the volume are on-demand

It is expensive to run a fleet of delivery vehicles; most suppliers have large vehicles for large orders but not for small and medium sized on-demand orders. Not to mention the cost of staffing these deliveries.

99.9% order accuracy with GoFor mobile platform 

GoFor has developed a separate app that ties into the GoFor delivery platform allowing our partner companies to ensure that all orders are 100% accurate before leaving the store or yard.

No contract to sign

With the GoFor on-demand delivery service there are no contracts to sign, simply use us as much or as little as you want. We are however open to marketing opportunities with our partners and will support you in whatever capacity we can.

Vehicles to fit every type of delivery

GoFor drivers have all types of vehicles, ranging from cars, trailers, pickups to cube vans allowing us to offer deliveries based on vehicle type. The customer who needs a box of nails and chalking can get it delivered by a car for a low delivery fee.

Increased service standards

The GoFor platform allows the ranking of drivers, which increases the level of service and professionalism.

GoFor is expanding across Canada and the US, we are happy to talk with suppliers to demonstrate how exactly we can provide an immediate benefit to their business. I can be reached at for more info.

Download the GoFor app at the Apple App store or the Google Play Store


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