Deliveries are happening in Ottawa and Nashville, coming soon to Atlanta

Deliveries are happening in Ottawa and Nashville, coming soon to Atlanta
February 27, 2017 Brad Rollo

Attention construction contractors and professionals. 

Meet Go-For, your on-demand delivery of construction material platform build by professionals for professionals. Using Go-For is easy, convenient and fast not to mention we will make sure you get what you order.

Getting started it is as easy as 1-2-3 and 4.

  1. Android users download the app at the google play store. Apple users open your browsers to our web portal.
  2. Register your information.
  3. Place an order with your supplier
  4. Enter the order info on the Go-For “submit order” screen.

Your order is now on its way and will be there within 1 hour.

Using Go-For lets you focus on what makes your business money while keeping your employees working. The end result will be more money in your pocket.

Not sure of the value of Go-For? Let me ask you a question? How do you currently deal with materials shortfalls? I bet no matter how you deal with it now, you are losing time, money and productivity.

Most companies deal with in one of four ways:

1.    Supplier delivers the materials

In most cases, the order would get shipped to the project site depending on the supplier’s delivery schedule. If everything aligns then on the rare occasion the order is shipped out immediately. However, for the most part, suppliers only have vehicles designed for delivering large orders and thus charge accordingly ($80 to over $120 regardless of the order size/quantity). When you only need a small or medium sized order this can be very costly and again is rarely on-demand.

2.    Owner or Manager pick-up the materials

Sometimes the owner or Manager goes and gets the missing materials. As I say, they are a ‘glorified gopher’ spending much of their time running errands whereas their time and focus should be on business that directly drive company revenues. Do you really want the person or persons responsible for keeping projects on time and on budget performing tasks that you can now easily outsource and for less?

3.    An on-site employee is sent

Another way companies deal with these shortfalls is they send an employee, usually a labourer from a project, to get the items. This usually means that the employee is gone for an extended period, likely a length of time that you know could be much shorter. They get lost, can’t find the right item, stop and get coffee for the crew. Not only do they take too much time to get the materials but their productivity on the project completely stops and takes even longer to start back up.

4.    A full-time employee is sent

Many companies have a full-time employee with a company vehicle running around to their various job sites procuring materials and missing items for them. Is this really the best way in dealing with this? You have an employee who is likely making $15 to $20 per hour, who is using a company vehicle with company insurance. How much is this costing you? What happens if a company has too many projects at the same time making servicing them impossible if demand is high?

Keep your projects moving by focusing on what makes you money, while keeping your employees producing.

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