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Go-For - on-demand delivery of construction materials.

Need building materials NOW? No more waiting for hours or even days for your order to be delivered. GoFor is revolutionizing the construction industry with convenient, easy to use technology for your mobile devices so you can order what you want, when you need it, right from the work site. We’re empowering the building and renovation industry with a platform that will increase your productivity while eliminating wasted time.

Built by construction professionals for construction professionals

GoFor for Construction Pros

Built by Pros for Pros, GoFor’s on-demand delivery service of building and construction supplies will save you time and money.

We fill those urgent requests for materials; supplies that you’ve run out of and need quickly to finish the job. Whether it’s more nails, drywall, lumber or roofing, we can get it to you, all in an hour.

Our delivery service allows you to focus on your building and renovation projects, with the confidence that your materials are on their way!


Use the GoFor App to place an order through your preferred supplier and schedule GoFor to pick-up and deliver it to your work site.

You can also build a materials list in the GoFor App and we’ll assemble, pay for and deliver the order so you can keep on working.

You can track in real-time, right from your phone. You’ll also receive a confirmation notice as your order is shipped.


All orders are on-demand and with our large pool of professional drivers, we can have your order there in an hour or less.

GoFor uses professional, independent drivers who are trained to ensure your delivery gets where it needs to go as efficiently as possible.

GoFor for Suppliers and Distributors

With GoFor as part of your team, you’ll be able to get those small to medium orders delivered to customers within an hour of ordering, rather than having to wait on a large truck to be filled to make those deliveries cost efficient and that could take a day or more.

With our promise of a one-hour delivery and our professional drivers, we’ll be able to help contractors, builders and DIY’ers get the materials they need from your store quickly. GoFor provides our partners with a wholesale delivery cost, saving you money. Our partners are free to mark-up the delivery cost as they see fit.

GoFor allows partners to maximize the use of staff to assemble orders, leaving us to deliver them. With your staff kept on-site, you’ll increase the number of orders shipped while reducing risks and liabilities.

Construction is a fast moving business and suppliers that can deliver goods on-demand, right to the building site, save those businesses time, money and manpower. GoFor will help you see an increase in the satisfaction of your customers and an increase in new customers with our easy to use App.

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